XEA is a deflationary reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain that joins investors, innovative decentralized products, and the wild world around us in a common mission.

-Our project is to make in-game payments through our token.


HIgh capacIty

Take a look at how supply and demand work for the XEA Finance token in the Binance Smart Chain, and how holding $XEA tokens earns you more $XEA!

Technological Infrastructure
company Infrastructure

MHT Games is a technology group in Turkey which was founded in 2016. Its main purpose is on program, application, and game development.

2022 Q1

A true, open NFT platform for the Binance Smart Chain does not yet exist. We’ve already deployed our XEANFT contract and have minted over a hundred NFTs for our community. Our next goal is to launch a full featured NFT Marketplace for buying and viewing community and official XEA Digital Merchandise!

2022 Q2

This is where we put the Finance in XEA Finance. Our goal is to create a comprehensive set of contracts, dApps, and other tools for blockchain projects, tokens, and businesses setting up shop on the Binance Smart Chain.

2022 Q3

In keeping with our core beliefs in the power of democratized and decentralized decision-making, the XEADAO will allow future decisions on the workings and actions of the XEA platform to be made via a voting system, making the operations of the XEA token a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

2022 Q4